Mass Effect 3

I am consumed with hype to play Dragon Age 3, which I did not expect, because I found the second game so awful I quit after a few hours, and because, in the end, I was disappointed by Mass Effect 3. But people whose tastes generally align with mine – people who loved the first Dragon Age – seem to love it, and that got my attention.

Anyway, thinking about that made me want to set down some final thoughts about ME3.

+ Most polished iteration of the ME combat system to date. A joy to play.
+ Multiplayer. The horde mode in this game was an absolute blast.
+ Tuchanka mission. Yes, everyone talks about. With good reason. At the time, I likened it to the kind of story that I’ve only seen on Deadwood, and loved a great deal. (Renegade options here).
+ Mordin. Related to the former. The writing and voice acting for Mordin is, IMO, the best in gaming to date.

– The story, overall. I’ve been very disappointed with where the story went after ME1, and it all culminated with 3. Plotlines involving unbeatable enemies tend to result in conclusions that are very unsatisfying for me, and this was no exception. Once they hit the Asari homeworld and found out about the uber secret super magic thingamajig that would save the universe, I checked out. The ending was not, in the grand scheme of things, a big deal to me because of that. There was no way the story could end in a way that I was going to like.
Grinding. Once again rearing its ugly head – here, much required to get the “best” ending – and since best in the ME games means character survival, it was important to me.
– The Tali and Garrus missions were a particular disappointment. Bad story, bad maps, and, in the former, a bad turret sequence.
– Maps generally were not very memorable.