Diablo 3 Impressions

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls – PS4 Edition. Played through campaign with my daughter (13). We just unlocked Adventure Mode, so will update later.

Overall we’re having a great time.

+Loot engine is fantastic. 99% of drops relevant for your class. Automatic sorting of loot to appropriate player.
+Visuals have a great feel – modern take on Diablo. Act IV is a real high point.
+Skill system (once you turn on Elective Mode)
+Difficulty tuning (the game starts out way too easy – but eventually Expert, then Master, got it to where it felt a lot more like the challenge of Diablo II.
+The final boss encounter of Act IV, and the final two of Act V, are top notch. Better than anything in the predecessor games. Boss phases! Bullet hell!
+Crusader is blast.
+Treasure Goblins

-Act III drags and its palette set is drab. Azmodan fight was pointlessly easy.
-Act IV flings so many named demons and angel bosses at you, with such short fights, that they are very forgettable (kind of like the endless bosses of Dark Souls 2)
-no really memorable monsters, unlike Diablo 2
-Story is context for action, and here it is…not good. The cinematics are amazing but lack something compared to D2.